Leica Builder 209 9 Second Reflectorless Total Station 772729

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    Overview for the Leica Builder 209 9 Second Reflectorless Total Station The Leica Builder 209 (9-Second) Reflectorless Total Station combines superior technology with an intuitive interface to give you an innovative yet powerful optical surveying measuring tool. The Leica Builder Total Station is s..

    Overview for the Leica Builder 209 9 Second Reflectorless Total Station

    The Leica Builder 209 (9-Second) Reflectorless Total Station combines superior technology with an intuitive interface to give you an innovative yet powerful optical surveying measuring tool. The Leica Builder Total Station is simple to operate due to its intuitive interface and PowerSite software.

    One-Person Operation

    The Leica Builder 209 Reflectorless Total Station allows you to take measurements without placing a prism a the target point. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also improve safety by helping you gain access to dangerous or inaccessible locations such as bridges, cluttered construction sites or through natural obstacles like bodies of water or dense undergrowth.

    Setup Wizard for Easy Setups

    The Leica Geosystems 209 Total Station puts an end to the tedious task of measuring, allowing you to finish your task quickly and easily. Setup with the Leica 209 is simple and trouble free, thanks to the setup wizard. Beginner's will find the graphical interface intuitive to use right from the start:level the builder, define your control line, enter desired offset values from a plan; just follow the display to set out or record the points you need in only a few minutes, all with the help of an easy-to-follow wizard.

    Pinpoint Laser Technology for Precise Measurements

    The Leica Builder Series boasts pinpoint laser technology, which enables the operator to aim the laser with precision. Unlike a wide beam, which can give you inaccurate measurements by measuring the area surrounding your target, a narrow beam ensures you measure exactly what you want since it is able to measure around obstacles like power lines, tree branches or telephone poles. 

    Another benefit of narrow laser beams is their ability to measure to walls and corners. If you've ever needed to pinpoint the cornice of a roof, then you know that broad laser beams target not only the cornice, but the wall of the building underneath as well. The Leica Total Station's beam, however, targets only the part you want - the cornice. And an added bonus: the Leica Builder also allows you to use the laser as a pointer with just one button.

    Versatile and Easy to Learn Software

    Leica's trademark software, PowerSite, is easy to learn, and can be used to calculate a number of commonly used measurements. Designed for the specific needs of construction sites, the software comes pre-loaded, and features five different applications: Setup with control lines or coordinates, for example, follows the same procedure used when in the field when setting up manually with tape. PowerSite software also allows you to choose your setup positions, as well as use the preset axis as the reference line.

    The Leica Builder Electronic Total Station also includes the Construction Data Manager, a Windows-based application that supports the exchange of data between the Leica total station and your PC or laptop. Use the Construction Data Manager for data handling, upload of firmware and additional languages, as well as data import and export. You can also use the Construction Data Manager to seamlessly integrate the Leica Builder with a PC or handheld interface for data collection.

    The pre-loaded measurement functions on the Leica 209 Builder Total Station also work with the Construction Data Manager in order to allow you to complete numerous measurement tasks encountered daily in the field. Layout, as-built, angle and distance, tie-distance, area and volume are calculated quickly and accurately by the onboard microprocessor. The area function, for example, can let you know if those windows will fit in that newly-built office building, calculate how much asphalt to order for a parking lot or determine how many roof tiles you'll need for that roof.

    The as-built function records as-builts on the spot, allowing you to quickly and accurately edit blueprints, while the Line Layout function easily checks racking, formwork, columns, greenhouses, fencing lines or terraces for structural alignment. The volume function makes sure you'll never be stuck second-guessing truckloads: the fast and accurate volume determination of your Leica Builder will keep you on top of your earthwork's progress.

    Bonus Features

    The Leica 209 Builder also includes several features that make using your total station even easier. The Builder gives you multilingual support by allowing you to view up to 3 languages on the total station's control panel. You can choose from a total of 24 languages that are available in the Construction Data Manager.

    And there's no need to worry about unauthorized use of your Leica Builder Total Station: the Leica Builder possesses a Theft Protection Feature, which prompts the user for a Personal Identification Number after start-up. If the wrong PIN is typed in five times, the system locks down, but can be opened up with the Personal Unblocking Code found on the total station's delivery papers.

    You'll also enjoy the Leica Builder's endless drives, which hold the total station securely while giving full 360 degree rotation. You not only save time, but the Builder remains steady at all times, without the bulky locking knobs that can cause errors if not locked.

    Leica Builder Helps You Be a Leader In Your Field

    Whatever you choose to measure, the Leica Builder enables you to save time, money, and fulfill all of the measuring tasks you need quickly and accurately. Gardeners, landscapers,and archaeologists, are finding the Leica Builder 209 (9-Second) Total Station a valuable tool for helping them be leaders in their field.


    What's in the Box

    Leica Builder 209 9 second reflectorless total station 772729
    Serial RS232 cable
    GLI115 clip-on bubble
    CPR105 flat prism
    GLS115 mini prism pole
    Tip for mini prism pole
    Protective cover / lens hood
    Adjustment tools
    Hard carry case
    GEB211 Li-Ion battery (2)
    GKL211 battery charger
    User manual
    1-year manufacturer's warranty


    Specifications for the Leica Builder 209 9 Second Reflectorless Total Station

    Weight 11.2 lbs. (5.1 kg)
    Dimensions 23 in. x 18 in. x 15 in. (58.42 cm x 45.72 cm x 38.1 cm)
    Warranty 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    Protection Class IP55 (protected against hazardous parts, dust protected, protected against water jets from any angle.)
    Tripod Thread 5/8 x 11 in.
    Software PowerSite, Construction Data Manager
    Tribrach fixed
    Angle Measurement
    Measuring Method/Reading System absolute, continuous
    Accuracy 9-second
    Distance Measurement
    Unit of Measure (distance display) in,ft,mm,m
    Tilt Sensor/Compensator
    Range 4 arcmin
    Setting Accuracy 2 arcsec
    Power Source Li-Ion batteries
    Battery Life about 20 hours
    Battery Life Alert yes
    Voltage 7.4 V
    Optical Plummet
    Image erect
    Circular Bubble Vial 6 minutes/2 mm
    Electronic Level 6 arcseconds
    Image erect
    Diameter of Objective Lens (Aperture) 1.57 in.(40mm)
    Magnification 30x
    Field of View 2.6 m at 100 m
    Sight Distance Precision/Focus Range 5.6 ft/1.7 m to infinity
    Reflectorless yes
    Display and Keypad
    Type 6-line graphic LCD
    Sides single-sided
    Keys 7
    Backlight yes
    Pixels 280 x 160 pixels
    Operating -4ºF to 122ºF (-20C to +50)
    Storage -40ºF to 158ºF (-40ºC to +70ºC)
    Surveying and Construction yes
    Mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) yes
    Utilities yes
    Environment Studies yes
    Geomarking yes
    Archaeology yes
    Accident Reconstruction yes
    Measurement Range (under fair weather conditions)
    No Prism 260 ft. (80 m)
    Reflective Tape 820 ft. (250 m)
    Coordinate Measurement Point yes
    Angle and Distance Stake Out yes
    Stake Out Line yes
    Offsets yes
    Missing Line yes
    Remote Elevation yes
    Resection yes
    Area Calculation yes
    Measurement Time
    Fine < 1 s
    Rapid < 0.3 s
    Tracking 1.0 s
    Laser Plummet
    Accuracy 0.0590 in. (1.5 mm) at 4.92 ft. (1.5 m) instrument height
    Class Visible red laser class 2
    Laser Pointer
    Class 3R
    Reflectorless range 260 ft (80 m)
    Wavelength 650 nm - 690 nm
    Range to reflective tape 820 ft (250 m)
    Pin Port RS232
    Clockspeed container1
    No. of Cores

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